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Are there different levels of membership? Which one is right for me?

Full Members

FULL members must have a minimum of five years experience in, and be in a full-time professional position with primary responsibility in one or more Qualified Fields. Full membership has voting privileges, may serve as an Officer, Director or on committees, and have all local and national benefits.

Associate Members

ASSOCIATE member status is available to an applicant who is currently employed in a full-time position with primary responsibility in one or more Qualified Fields but who has less than five years experience in that field. Associate membership may not vote or serve as an Officer or Director, but are eligible to serve on committees and have all local benefits. Once the required experience is obtained, Associate Members become Full Members. Associate members are entitled to all local benefits.

Civic Members

CIVIC members are involved in local or regional government, public agencies, universities or educational institutions or non-profit organizations who may or may not meet primary experience or expertise requirements, but they would be a benefit to CREW Midlands SC. Civic members may not vote, serve as an Officer or Director but may serve as Committee Chair or member. Civic members are entitled to all local benefits.

Student Members

STUDENT membership is available to an applicant who is enrolled full time in an undergraduate program pursuing education intended to lead to a career in a Qualified Field. Student members may serve on committees but are not eligible to vote or serve as Officer, Director, or Committee Chair.  Student members are entitled to all local benefits.

Custom Members

CUSTOM members may be available to other applicants whose membership furthers the purposes of the Association and benefits the members. Custom members may serve on committees. Custom members are entitled to all local benefits.

Affiliate Members

AFFILIATE members are employed full time in a field that benefits or supports commercial real estate. Affiliate members must have five or more years of experience in a field relating to commercial real estate.  Affiliate members may serve on committees. Affiliate members are entitled to all local benefits but are not entitled to vote or serve as an Officer, Director, or Committee Chair of CREW Midlands.  Affiliate members represent companies that primarily contract as subcontractors for construction related activities, installation and maintenance, except when the applicant has a professional license.  Affiliate memberships are limited to 5% of the total membership in CREW Midlands and only one Affiliate membership is allowed for each type of subcontractor or construction activity.

How much does membership cost?

There is a non-refundable application fee for all membership levels.

2017 Mid-Year Membership Dues (including application fee) are:

  • $325.00 for FULL, ASSOCIATE or CUSTOM Membership
  • $175.00  for CIVIC Membership
  • $125.00  for STUDENT Membership
  • $625.00 for AFFILIATE Membership

Does my CREW Midlands SC Membership include membership in CREW National?

YES! Your FULL membership includes membership in the national CREW Network, whose member benefits are outlined in detail here.

What do I do next?


Complete the  membership application and mail it with a check for dues/application fee to the address below.  The check should made payable to “Crew Midlands South Carolina.”  You will receive acknowledgement that the application has been received and then notification that the application was approved after the next monthly Board of Directors Meeting. 

CREW Midlands South Carolina
PO Box 1132
Columbia, SC 2920

If you have questions, please contact the membership committee at membership@crewmidlands.org.

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