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Being a member of one of CREW Midlands South Carolina dynamic committees puts you up front and center of the heart of CREW Midlands South Carolina networking opportunities. Your talent shines as you act to foster your leadership and grow your talents. As one of CREW Midlands South Carolina members has said “I’ve never met a more dynamic, can-do group of women." 


This committee has dual responsibilities: recruiting new members and engaging/retaining existing members. This committee helps to raise the awareness of CREW Midlands South Carolina by inviting local leaders to meetings, and helps assimilate new members. Want to get to know industry leaders and other CREW members? Join this committee by emailing membership@crewmidlands.org.

Programs/Special Events

Responsible for monthly programs and educational topics, this fun, creative planning committee generates ideas for cutting edge programs that help make CREW the organization of choice. Members of this committee interact with executives in the real estate industry about speaking opportunities, and benefit from working with other committees and the Board. Goals for this committee include:

  • Organizing a variety of special events that provide networking opportunities in a fun, informal setting
  • Creative planning from happy hours to building tours
  • Planning monthly luncheon seminars
  • Developing two special events per year: Spring and Fall

Rev up your creative social and planning skills and talents by emailing programs@crewmidlands.org.

Community Outreach and Education

At CREW Midlands South Carolina, our members find that serving the community with other CREW Members is not only personally rewarding, but also a great way to network. CREW Midlands South Carolina plans to offer several community outreach and educational opportunities .
If your interests include reaching out to the community, email outreach@crewmidlands.org.


This team has access to key decision makers in many different organizations through its  contact for sponsorship donations. Providing critical funding to help CREW Midlands South Carolina carry out its mission, this committee coordinates with the Programs Committee and the Communications, Marketing & Website Committee to make sure our valued sponsors receive the recognition they deserve.

The goals of the Sponsorship Committee are:

  • To recognize Sponsors as outlined in the Sponsorship brochure
  • Coordinate a Thank You event for sponsors
  • Review plans and coordinate sponsorship “one-ask” program
  • To afford networking opportunities to CREW members through interaction with our sponsors.

We welcome new committee members anytime! Email sponsorship@crewmidlands.org. See our dedicated Sponsorship page for detailed sponsorship levels and information.

Website and Social Media

This team is responsible for keeping us on the front burner of the commercial real estate scene by (a) creating and maintaining our website, its content and its design, (b) utilizing popular social networking forums such as Facebook and Twitter to increase public awareness of CREW Midlands South Carolina, and (c) publishing an electronic, quarterly newsletter to keep our members informed.  Excellent writing skills, creativity and electronic media skills are a plus!

If this sounds like your perfect job description, send an email to communications@crewmidlands.org.

Marketing and Communications

Responsible for providing essential external publicity through media avenues and branding, this committee’s job is to ensure that everyone knows our name by:

  • Monitoring the use of the organization’s logo, letterhead and brand
  • Coordinating publications in external media through press releases and timely articles
  • Creating and effectively utilizing branding materials such as banners, pamphlets and brochures to recruit and retain members and sponsors
  • Organizing logos of sponsors and marketing materials in cooperation with the Sponsorship Committee. 

Do you have excellent writing skills?  Are experienced with design software such as InDesign and Photo Shop?  Are you eager to be interviewed?  If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, this committee is the place for you.  Send an email to marketing@crewmidlands.org for additional information. 


Responsible for oversight of CREW Midlands SC financial statements and monthly review of the sustainability of CREW Midlands’ SC financial condition, this committee:

  • Prepares annual budget
  • Prepares monthly income/expense reports
  • Monitors expenses monthly

Are you skilled at managing finances? E-mail finance@crewmidlands.org.

Strategic Planning

This committee is developing a three-year strategic plan to encourage growth of the Chapter and to strengthen benefits to existing members. Its purpose is to encourage a positive impact of Crew Midlands SC on the Midlands Community.

Are you an innovator? Do you have the gift of foresight? Contact planning@crewmidlands.org.


This committee is appointed by the President and consists of five to seven members, of which no more than three are members of the Board, and one of which is the President-Elect. This committee nominates candidates for office. E-mail nominating@crewmidlands.org for more information or suggestions.


This committee is led by the President and deals with day to day working of our organization and with our compliance with any existing or new requirements to be affiliated with CREW Network.  

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